Competitions Survey 2019 - Please complete!

Hampshire RFU are asking all members of rugby clubs to complete a quick survey to gain feedback on the current structure of competitions. Details from Hampshire are shown below along with a link to the questionnaire.

If you have some spare time then please register what you think works and doesn’t work under the current structure!

Following on from the 2018 Clubs’ survey 20% of respondents advised that they wanted a review of the structure of competitions within Hampshire RFU. This survey is designed as a wider consultation to help establish what our clubs would like to be considered by providing wider feedback. 

This consultation is being conducted by your Club representatives and will help feed into future development along with output from the RFU who will be conducting a wider review of competitions.

  • Responses from this survey will help inform development of our Leagues for the 2020/21 season.

  • The overall objective is to ensure as many 15-a-side games are played in an appropriate format that facilitates a competitive environment, where appropriate and delivers satisfaction for our clubs and players.

  • The RFU will also be conducting a full review of competitions and Hampshire RFU will be well informed as a result of this survey.

  • Questions 12-16 are aimed at players, but please feel free to answer 

  • The questions have been compiled using feedback from your club representatives and RDOs.

  • The survey should take no longer than 3 minutes to complete.

Many thanks for taking time to complete the survey and for helping shape the future of competitions within Hampshire.

 Hampshire RFU Adult Male Competitions Survey 2019

RWC - This Sunday!

With only 3 days to go until RWC 2019 kicks off, ORFC invites you to come along and watch 3 of the top Northern Hemisphere sides kick off their campaigns in what is looking to be an amazing Tournament this Sunday!

Ireland Vs Scotland will be on in the main hall from 8:45am, perfect to watch while waiting for a hot beverage or Bacon roll while the future of ORFC train. And with the headline act of England Vs Tonga on screen at 11:15am, it’s looking likely to be a very full day of Rugby!

The ORFC bar will be open for the England game to provide drinks from our new range of beers and ciders. And to entice you further, reps from the senior section will be selling Burgers over the counter from half time at £2.50, or for £5 if you opt for a burger/beer combo!

So come along and make this a great afternoon for ORFC as we not only celebrate the start of the world cup, but also the 2019/20 season for all sections of the club!

2019 - 20 Season - Fixtures

As we approach the start of the season for all sections of the club, Fixture listings are now available and are currently in the process of being updated to the website.

For a quick look guide however, the below document provides details of fixtures for all age groups across the club over the next 8 months. This document can be downloaded and saved to your phone/computer allowing easy access on the move!

Fixtures are correct as at today’s date and could change as a result of weather conditions/availability etc, so please make sure that you keep an eye on the website and our Facebook page for updates as they occur!

From the committee we hope players of all ages enjoy what looks to be a great upcoming season for ORFC!

2019-20 Season - Fixtures Listing

2nd XV fixtures announced for the 2019/20 Season

The fixture list for the Inglorious have now been released and are detailed below.

This season see’s the 2’s compete in Hampshire 2 action for the 2nd successive season where the league format has changed and is adopting a Pro 14 structure, details of which are as follows:

‘It has been decided to remove Hampshire Division 2 from the RFU Competitions structure, to allow us to loosen the regulations a touch to help the clubs in this division. We are not wanting to move too far away from the full RFU Regulations but there will be no Registration and clubs will be permitted to field 20 players instead of the regimented 18 in the top two divisions. We are going to trial the 'Pro14' system in this division - split the division into two pools (but still just one league table). Teams will play 12 games, 6 home and 6 away against the other teams in their pool and another 7 games against the other teams in the other pool. This will give the clubs in that division 19 league games in the season - which we feel is sufficient. Should any club want to play more, they can arrange friendlies, maybe against clubs in Hampshire 3’

With the announcement of these fixtures, the senior playing squad can now fully focus on plans for the upcoming season, and with training due to start this week, the timing couldn’t be more perfect

  • Round 1 -14/09/2019 -Overton 2nd XV VS Chineham

  • Round 2 -21/09/2019 -Petersfield 2 VS Overton 2nd XV

  • Round 3 -28/09/2019 -Overton 2nd XV VS Havant 3rd XV

  • Round 4 -05/10/2019 -Tottonians Badgers VS Overton 2nd XV

  • Round 5 -19/10/2019 -Overton 2nd XV VS Winchester 2nd XV

  • Round 6 -26/10/2019 -Hook & Odiham VS Overton 2nd XV

  • Round 7 -09/11/2019 -Overton 2nd XV VS Basingstoke 2nd XV

  • Round 8 -16/11/2019 -Winchester 2nd XV VS Overton 2nd XV

  • Round 9 -23/11/2019 -Overton 2nd XV VS Petersfield 2nd XV

  • Round 10 -07/12/2019 -Overton 2nd XV VS Andover 2nd XV

  • Round 11 -14/12/2019 -Basingstoke 2nd XV VS Overton 2nd XV

  • Round 12 -11/01/2020 -Overton 2nd XV VS Nomads

  • Round 13 -18/01/2020 -Overton 2nd XV VS Bognor 2nd XV

  • 25/01/2020 - FREE WEEK

  • Round 14 -01/02/2020 -New Milton 2nd XV VS Overton 2nd XV

  • Round 15 -15/02/2020 -Andover 2nd XV VS Overton 2nd XV

  • 22/02/2020 - FREE WEEK

  • Round 16 -29/02/2020 -Overton 2nd XV VS Hook & Odiham

  • Round 17 -21/03/2020 -Overton 2nd XV VS Stoneham

  • Round 18 -28/03/2020 -Isle of Wight 2nd XV VS Overton 2nd XV

  • Round 19 -04/04/2020 -Chineham VS Overton 2nd XV

  • 18/04/2020 - FREE WEEK

Your Club Needs You!!

After a year of change, we now look forward in the lead up to the clubs 50th anniversary!

One of the key goals for the committee this season is the identification of a new wave of club volunteers to take the club onto the next chapter and the progression of volunteer members through the ranks. To this end a number of roles within the club management structure and a position on the committee itself have now been made available and we are looking for volunteers to take up these roles.

The roles currently available are:

  1. Social Secretary - Committee Role

  2. Bar Manager - Management Role

  3. Catering Manager - Management Role

  4. Membership Secretary (Senior Side) - Management Role

In addition we have a number of roles which are performed by the same individuals across the board which may be made available to the right applicant. Details of the clubs structure as it currently stands is below and will be on display at the start of the season.

Club Structure Chart.jpg

So if you are interested in taking a more active role in the club and would like some more information on any roles, then please feel free to get in contact with us at of through the contact us page on the website, and we will happily sit down and discuss the particulars with you.

1st XV Fixtues announced for the 2019/20 Season

This week has seen the 2019/20 fixtures for Hampshire 1 released as ORFC starts to plan for the upcoming season.

Overton 1st XV start the 2019/20 season with a tough home fixture against Gosport and Fareham 2nd XV, a team relegated from the Hampshire Premiership in 2019.

This season also see’s the introduction of some new teams to the Hampshire structure with Chichester 2nd XV and Southampton University Hospitals both competing in Hampshire 1.

Full details of the fixtures have been provided below and will be added to the club Calendar shortly

  • Round 1 - 14/09/2019 - Overton 1st XV   VS  Gosport & Fareham 2nd XV

  • Round 2 - 21/09/2019 - Tottonians 2nd XV  VS  Overton 1st XV 

  • Round 3 - 28/09/2019 - Overton 1st XV   VS  Southampton RFC

  • Round 4 - 05/10/2019 - Portsmouth 2nd XV  VS  Overton 1st XV 

  • Round 5 - 19/10/2019 - Overton 1st XV   VS  Fawley

  • Round 6 - 26/10/2019 - Locksheath Pumas  VS  Overton 1st XV 

  • Round 7 - 09/11/2019 - Overton 1st XV   VS  Southampton University Hospitals

  • Round 8 - 16/11/2019 - Overton 1st XV   VS  Ventnor

  • Round 9 - 23/11/2019 - Chichester 2nd XV  VS  Overton 1st XV 

  • Round 10 - 07/12/2019 - Overton 1st XV   VS  Isle Of Wight

  • Round 11 - 14/12/2019 - Romsey  VS  Overton 1st XV 

  • Round 12 - 11/01/2020 - Overton 1st XV   VS  Tottonians 2nd XV

  • Round 13 - 18/01/2020 - Southampton RFC  VS  Overton 1st XV 

  • Round 14 - 25/01/2020 - Overton 1st XV   VS  Portsmouth 2nd XV

  • Round 15 - 01/02/2020 - Fawley  VS  Overton 1st XV 

  • Round 16 - 15/02/2020 - Overton 1st XV   VS  Locksheath Pumas

  • Round 17 - 22/02/2020 - Southampton University Hospitals  VS  Overton 1st XV 

  • Round 18 - 29/02/2020 - Ventnor  VS  Overton 1st XV 

  • Round 19 - 21/03/2019 - Overton 1st XV   VS  Chichester 2nd XV

  • Round 20 - 28/03/2019 - Isle Of Wight  VS  Overton 1st XV 

  • Round 21 - 04/04/2019 - Overton 1st XV   VS  Romsey

  • Round 22 - 18/04/2019 - Gosport & Fareham 2nd XV  VS  Overton 1st XV 

Overton RFC in 7's action

In a season of firsts for the club, this summer see’s Overton seniors trying something that we haven’t tried in a while, perhaps even ever….

Yes! The club is looking to take part in Chineham RFC’s annual Rugby 7’s festival!

While a number of players have enjoyed this form of the beautiful game, as a club it is something we haven’t really investigated, however several of the Senior team will be looking to lead the way, take the bull by the horns and bring home some silverware!

It’s looking like it will be a great day with a number of teams that we face in the regular season entering teams.

This event is open to any player and an individual entrance fee of £10 on the day will be required. If you are interested in pulling on the OV jersey and playing in this event then places are available. Either drop us a line through the website or facebook page and we will put you in touch with the necessary people.

Of course, if the thought of the fitness levels needed to play this crazy form of rugby scares you, then spectators are also welcome! entrance to the grounds are free and refreshments will be available!

Chineham RFC have been running this festival for a number of years now with all the proceeds from this great event going towards Cancer Research UK. More details about this great event are available on the Chineham RFC 7’s Facebook page -

So come along to this great event and support the boys!

Mini's and Junior Sections - Last Training session of the Season

This weekend see’s the future stars of ORFC take part in the last training session of the season.

This year has seen a number of great achievements by the Juniors of the club, with some unforgettable tournament results, record numbers and a particular Rainy Sunday Tournament at the club which our grounds keeper still remembers fondly!

We hope that all players, parents and coaches enjoy the off season! And make sure this Sunday you go out and have fun!!

Throwback Friday

As we start our countdown to the 50th anniversary of the club (2 year countdown starts with this years festival!), I thought it would be time to show off some of the history of the club and pictures over the years showing how we have become such a well liked and valued part of Hampshire RFU.

But where do you go to get this information. The best place is from the people who lived it and helped make the club what it is today, therefore Keith Coomber was always going to be the man!

As we are looking at how we can start developing the club further, this week I thought it would be good to go back to the time when we changed Laverstoke Park from a cricket ground to the home of Rugby for Overton and the surrounding areas.

By the late 80’s the committee had now recognized the fact that the club had grown and was attracting players from far outside Whitchurch and Overton and although Town Meadow had been secured the constant flooding was causing great problems, new pitches where urgently needed. Overton school was also used for many years as the “other” pitch, but for those who played on its slope realised that another site had to be found.

This search took many years but with the selling of Laverstoke Estate a new opportunity was seized whereby the new owner Mr. Jody Scheckter allowed us to take on the Cricket pitch in Laverstoke. So, in 1997 it was with much discussion and sadness that we moved to one of the few thatch rugby pavilions in the country.

The development at Laverstoke has been done with the usual self-help that has been the haul mark of Overton over the years and it was with great delight that the renovated club house and changing facilities were opened in December 2011. a great difference from the club’s foundation in 1971.

The below pictures have been supplied by Keith to show where our club started, if you compare where it is now then you can see that work never stops, and nor is it likely to!

To read about how Overton RFC came to be, please have a look at the Club History page on this website

Keep watching this space as we will continue to look back on the history of the club and provide glimpses back to how this great club was formed.

Fund Raising!

In order to drive up interest in this, a brave few souls have agreed to undertake a sponsored walk… but this is not just any walk but one that will test the heart and minds of those involved!


This 52.46 mile (84.42KM) event wraps around the British countryside, but these guys cannot get too engrossed in the beautiful views!


Paul, Nigel and Cheryl have all undertaken these types of adventures and are now seasoned pro’s when it comes to these sorts of challenges. If you are of a squeamish disposition do not look at the 4th picture below!

This wonderful team have decided this year to pledge any money raised to Overton Rugby Club in order to allow us to deliver some key deliverables for the club which will allow us to continue to grow and deliver great rugby facilities for players and supporters of all ages! Below you will find some further information on how you can pledge your support!

From every player, member, supporter and spectator, we wish the guys the bet of luck as they look to complete this amazing challenge!


ORFC have setup a new crowdfunding page through Justgiving in order to raise funds for some new developments we would like to bring to members, players and supporters of all age groups

The key deliverables that the club wish to deliver are:

  • Redesign and installation of new Kitchen facilities within the club, taking advantage of the larger kitchen area contained in the marquee area

  • the design and purchase of new Post protectors for the club

  • continued investment in training equipment to support the development of players at all levels

Overton RFC’s Crowdfunding page is available at

Mini's Training this weekend

This weekend see’s all age groups travel to Winchester Rugby Club for the Hampshire Festival with the exception of the Under 6 Age Group. Winchesters Ground is located at

Winchester RFC Ltd 

North Walls Park (Off Nuns Road)
SO23 7EF

Under 6 training will go ahead at Oddball Lane between 10 and 12 on Sunday, so please do come along!

The Season Is coming to a Close....

As we approach the time when the clocks move forward an hour and Rugby weather is replaced by sunshine and Pimms in the Garden, we look ahead at what we have left for the remaining few weeks of the regular season.

Overton 1st XV

Saturday 23rd March - Home Game Vs Ventnor 1st XV (3pm Kick Off)

Saturday 30th March - Away Game Vs Locksheath Pumas (3pm Kick Off)

Saturday 6th April - Home Game Vs Trojans 2nd XV (3pm Kick Off)

Overton 2nd XV (The Inglorious)

Saturday 23rd March - Home Game Vs Nomads (3pm Kick Off)

Saturday 30th March - Home Game Vs Fawley (3pm Kick Off)

Saturday 6th April - Away Game Vs Totts Vets (3pm Kick Off)


Overton Mini’s and Juniors

Sunday 17th March - U9 & U10 Away - Hampshire Festival at Petersfield RFC

- All other age groups Home Training

Sunday 24th March - U7 & U8 Away - Hampshire Festival at Winchester RFC

- All other age groups Home Training

Sunday 31st March - All age Groups except U6’s Away - Hants Festival at Winchester RFC

- U6’s Home Training (TBC)

Sunday 7th April - Home Training for all Age groups

Sunday 14th April - Home Training for all Age groups


Sunday 28th April - All age Groups Home Training - LAST SESSION OF THE SEASON SO HAVE FUN!!!

Please keep an eye out for messages from your Coaches and Managers who will confirm any changes to the above

Upcoming Events

Saturday 6th April - Lairds Lunch - For ticket information please contact Dave Brewerton (or the contact us page)

Hampshire Shield Final - Date, Location and Opposition TBC, Updates to be provided

Details of our Rugby Force day, senior Presentation evening and AGM will be provided in due course. In addition we also have our Festoval and updates on this will be provided separately in the lead up to this great event!

On behalf of the committee we would like to pass on our thanks to all the players, parents, volunteers, sponsors and spectators who have made this season such a success for all levels in the club. Lets see out the next few weeks in style, play good rugby, see old friends, make new friends and show why we are known a one of the best clubs in Hampshire!

Overton Festoval 2019

On Monday evening, a few brave souls met in the White Hart to consume coffee (or beer in one person’s case) to discuss whether the 2019 Festoval was to take place…..

AND IT IS!!!!!

Details of this years festival are shown below, however updates and news will be sent out by the club over the coming weeks….


  • This years festoval will take place over the first May Bank Holiday Weekend. A welcome evening will take place on Friday 3rd May to welcome teams and discuss the upcoming weekend.

  • Saturday 4th will see the Mens Tournament take place all day followed by food, drinks and dancing into the night.

  • Sunday will see a game take place over the lunchtime followed by, weather permitting, a Barbecue in the afternoon. The bar will then close at around 5pm Sunday afternoon to allow for weary heads to make their way home.


  • We are currently in the process of getting final confirmation from teams approached, however we will be aiming for 6 teams to take part during the Saturday Mens Tournament.

  • Watch this space as we will be announcing teams as we receive confirmation and completing a draw to work out who will be facing who (we may even do a live stream of this now that we are all text savvy!)

How can you help

  • If you would like to volunteer some time over the weekend to help out in the kitchen and Bar, please contact Andy Milton directly, or drop us a message on Facebook or the website

  • Sponsorship opportunities for the weekend will be available! From sponsoring a barrel of beer to paying to get your face on a portaloo, a full list of sponsorship opportunities will be made available! All sponsors will be mentioned in the Festoval Booklet we will be producing for the weekend and on any social media updates we make in the run up to the event!

  • Just coming along for the weekend! The reason we are able to hold these events are due to the spectators coming along and purchasing food and drink while enjoying rugby played in the true spirit of the game!

As mentioned keep an eye out for updates on all of our social media platforms, and any questions then please feel free to contact us through the Contact Us Page

Many thanks

Festoval Committee

Overton Rugby Spring Cup is a Success!!

On Sunday the 3rd of March, teams of all ages and from all areas in Hampshire came to Oddball Lane to take part in our annual Spring Cup.

The weather on that Sunday was probably one of the wettest and windiest days in Overton’s history, however all teams turned up and gave 100% in what was a very entertaining Sunday!

At the end of the afternoon the smiles on children and parents alike (when you could make them out through the mud!) made all the planning completed by the Junior and Mini’s management team worthwhile.

Overton RFC would like to thank all players, parents, coaches and Volunteers who turned up for this annual event, we look forward to hosting these for years to come!

Below are a couple of photo’s taken on the day (and to show the conditions these future stars of the game played in!)

Six Nations Fixtures at ORFC

Please find below the games that will be shown at the Club for this Years 6 Nations. Games not being shown at the club is due to no team playing on the day.

Saturday 23rd February

France vs Scotland - 14:15pm Kick off

Wales vs England - 16:45pm Kick Off

Saturday 16th March

Italy vs France - 12:30pm

Wales vs Ireland - 14:45pm

England Vs Scotland - 17:00pm

The bar will be open on these days so come along watch Overton play and enjoy the 6 nations with Friends and a Beverage!


Overton Rugby Football club are proud to announce, in partnership with Masuri, the launch of our new online kit shop.

This shop offers a range of ORFC branded training kit for players and spectators of all ages!

You can access our new online shop through this website through the Shop tab

Please follow us through Instagram and Facebook as we will be looking to add new items to the range over time and will ensure that these are advertised through these mediums.

Thank you

ORFC Committee