Fund Raising!

In order to drive up interest in this, a brave few souls have agreed to undertake a sponsored walk… but this is not just any walk but one that will test the heart and minds of those involved!


This 52.46 mile (84.42KM) event wraps around the British countryside, but these guys cannot get too engrossed in the beautiful views!


Paul, Nigel and Cheryl have all undertaken these types of adventures and are now seasoned pro’s when it comes to these sorts of challenges. If you are of a squeamish disposition do not look at the 4th picture below!

This wonderful team have decided this year to pledge any money raised to Overton Rugby Club in order to allow us to deliver some key deliverables for the club which will allow us to continue to grow and deliver great rugby facilities for players and supporters of all ages! Below you will find some further information on how you can pledge your support!

From every player, member, supporter and spectator, we wish the guys the bet of luck as they look to complete this amazing challenge!


ORFC have setup a new crowdfunding page through Justgiving in order to raise funds for some new developments we would like to bring to members, players and supporters of all age groups

The key deliverables that the club wish to deliver are:

  • Redesign and installation of new Kitchen facilities within the club, taking advantage of the larger kitchen area contained in the marquee area

  • the design and purchase of new Post protectors for the club

  • continued investment in training equipment to support the development of players at all levels

Overton RFC’s Crowdfunding page is available at