Overton Festoval 2019

On Monday evening, a few brave souls met in the White Hart to consume coffee (or beer in one person’s case) to discuss whether the 2019 Festoval was to take place…..

AND IT IS!!!!!

Details of this years festival are shown below, however updates and news will be sent out by the club over the coming weeks….


  • This years festoval will take place over the first May Bank Holiday Weekend. A welcome evening will take place on Friday 3rd May to welcome teams and discuss the upcoming weekend.

  • Saturday 4th will see the Mens Tournament take place all day followed by food, drinks and dancing into the night.

  • Sunday will see a game take place over the lunchtime followed by, weather permitting, a Barbecue in the afternoon. The bar will then close at around 5pm Sunday afternoon to allow for weary heads to make their way home.


  • We are currently in the process of getting final confirmation from teams approached, however we will be aiming for 6 teams to take part during the Saturday Mens Tournament.

  • Watch this space as we will be announcing teams as we receive confirmation and completing a draw to work out who will be facing who (we may even do a live stream of this now that we are all text savvy!)

How can you help

  • If you would like to volunteer some time over the weekend to help out in the kitchen and Bar, please contact Andy Milton directly, or drop us a message on Facebook or the website

  • Sponsorship opportunities for the weekend will be available! From sponsoring a barrel of beer to paying to get your face on a portaloo, a full list of sponsorship opportunities will be made available! All sponsors will be mentioned in the Festoval Booklet we will be producing for the weekend and on any social media updates we make in the run up to the event!

  • Just coming along for the weekend! The reason we are able to hold these events are due to the spectators coming along and purchasing food and drink while enjoying rugby played in the true spirit of the game!

As mentioned keep an eye out for updates on all of our social media platforms, and any questions then please feel free to contact us through the Contact Us Page

Many thanks

Festoval Committee