Your Club Needs You!!

After a year of change, we now look forward in the lead up to the clubs 50th anniversary!

One of the key goals for the committee this season is the identification of a new wave of club volunteers to take the club onto the next chapter and the progression of volunteer members through the ranks. To this end a number of roles within the club management structure and a position on the committee itself have now been made available and we are looking for volunteers to take up these roles.

The roles currently available are:

  1. Social Secretary - Committee Role

  2. Bar Manager - Management Role

  3. Catering Manager - Management Role

  4. Membership Secretary (Senior Side) - Management Role

In addition we have a number of roles which are performed by the same individuals across the board which may be made available to the right applicant. Details of the clubs structure as it currently stands is below and will be on display at the start of the season.

Club Structure Chart.jpg

So if you are interested in taking a more active role in the club and would like some more information on any roles, then please feel free to get in contact with us at of through the contact us page on the website, and we will happily sit down and discuss the particulars with you.