2nd XV fixtures announced for the 2019/20 Season

The fixture list for the Inglorious have now been released and are detailed below.

This season see’s the 2’s compete in Hampshire 2 action for the 2nd successive season where the league format has changed and is adopting a Pro 14 structure, details of which are as follows:

‘It has been decided to remove Hampshire Division 2 from the RFU Competitions structure, to allow us to loosen the regulations a touch to help the clubs in this division. We are not wanting to move too far away from the full RFU Regulations but there will be no Registration and clubs will be permitted to field 20 players instead of the regimented 18 in the top two divisions. We are going to trial the 'Pro14' system in this division - split the division into two pools (but still just one league table). Teams will play 12 games, 6 home and 6 away against the other teams in their pool and another 7 games against the other teams in the other pool. This will give the clubs in that division 19 league games in the season - which we feel is sufficient. Should any club want to play more, they can arrange friendlies, maybe against clubs in Hampshire 3’

With the announcement of these fixtures, the senior playing squad can now fully focus on plans for the upcoming season, and with training due to start this week, the timing couldn’t be more perfect

  • Round 1 -14/09/2019 -Overton 2nd XV VS Chineham

  • Round 2 -21/09/2019 -Petersfield 2 VS Overton 2nd XV

  • Round 3 -28/09/2019 -Overton 2nd XV VS Havant 3rd XV

  • Round 4 -05/10/2019 -Tottonians Badgers VS Overton 2nd XV

  • Round 5 -19/10/2019 -Overton 2nd XV VS Winchester 2nd XV

  • Round 6 -26/10/2019 -Hook & Odiham VS Overton 2nd XV

  • Round 7 -09/11/2019 -Overton 2nd XV VS Basingstoke 2nd XV

  • Round 8 -16/11/2019 -Winchester 2nd XV VS Overton 2nd XV

  • Round 9 -23/11/2019 -Overton 2nd XV VS Petersfield 2nd XV

  • Round 10 -07/12/2019 -Overton 2nd XV VS Andover 2nd XV

  • Round 11 -14/12/2019 -Basingstoke 2nd XV VS Overton 2nd XV

  • Round 12 -11/01/2020 -Overton 2nd XV VS Nomads

  • Round 13 -18/01/2020 -Overton 2nd XV VS Bognor 2nd XV

  • 25/01/2020 - FREE WEEK

  • Round 14 -01/02/2020 -New Milton 2nd XV VS Overton 2nd XV

  • Round 15 -15/02/2020 -Andover 2nd XV VS Overton 2nd XV

  • 22/02/2020 - FREE WEEK

  • Round 16 -29/02/2020 -Overton 2nd XV VS Hook & Odiham

  • Round 17 -21/03/2020 -Overton 2nd XV VS Stoneham

  • Round 18 -28/03/2020 -Isle of Wight 2nd XV VS Overton 2nd XV

  • Round 19 -04/04/2020 -Chineham VS Overton 2nd XV

  • 18/04/2020 - FREE WEEK