Competitions Survey 2019 - Please complete!

Hampshire RFU are asking all members of rugby clubs to complete a quick survey to gain feedback on the current structure of competitions. Details from Hampshire are shown below along with a link to the questionnaire.

If you have some spare time then please register what you think works and doesn’t work under the current structure!

Following on from the 2018 Clubs’ survey 20% of respondents advised that they wanted a review of the structure of competitions within Hampshire RFU. This survey is designed as a wider consultation to help establish what our clubs would like to be considered by providing wider feedback. 

This consultation is being conducted by your Club representatives and will help feed into future development along with output from the RFU who will be conducting a wider review of competitions.

  • Responses from this survey will help inform development of our Leagues for the 2020/21 season.

  • The overall objective is to ensure as many 15-a-side games are played in an appropriate format that facilitates a competitive environment, where appropriate and delivers satisfaction for our clubs and players.

  • The RFU will also be conducting a full review of competitions and Hampshire RFU will be well informed as a result of this survey.

  • Questions 12-16 are aimed at players, but please feel free to answer 

  • The questions have been compiled using feedback from your club representatives and RDOs.

  • The survey should take no longer than 3 minutes to complete.

Many thanks for taking time to complete the survey and for helping shape the future of competitions within Hampshire.

 Hampshire RFU Adult Male Competitions Survey 2019